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Installation and Change Log

doctable is on PyPI, so you can install it with pip:

For sqlalchemy >= 2.0: pip install doctable==2.0

For sqlalchemy <= 1.4: pip install doctable==1.0

Changes in Version 2.0

  • Create database connections using ConnectCore objects instead of ConnectEngine or DocTable objects.

  • Database tables represented by DBTable objects instead of DocTable objects. All DBTable instances originate from a ConnectCore object.

  • Create schemas using the doctable.table_schema decorator instead of the doctable.schema decorator. This new decorator includes constraint and index parameters as well as those for the dataclass objects.

  • The Column function replaces Col as generic default parameter values with more fine-grained control over column properties. This function provides a clearer separation between parameters that affect the behavior of the object as a dataclass (supplied as a FieldArgs object) and those that affect the database column schema (supplied via a ColumnArgs object).

  • New command line interface: you may execute doctable functions through the command line. Just use python -m doctable execute {args here} to see how to use it.